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Biscuits Login and autentication tests

Auto login
  1. When the first page is loaded and the user does not have any $_SESSION['profile'], biscuits runs function sessionStart(). This calls the js function autoLogin(), which loads ajax-login.php. The js functions for login are in biscuits-login.js .

    Visitors Device & Browser Footprint

    This script should automatically log in this user based on a 'footprint' that this user left on the database.
    The footprint should uniquely identify this user or visitor The IP address should form only a part of this footprint as it is very common for a group of visitors to be together in a classroom on the same IP address.


    Another way to achieve auto login is to save the password as a cookie every time the user Logs in and then when the visitor returns and the $_SESSION['profile'] is empty, we get that cookie value and log this user on.

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