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PGN Files

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Since January 2017, if you are logged in and your user name matches either player or your username is one of those listed in the [Editors "EditorName1,EditorName2"] , you can click to open the PGN and edit the PGN directly.
Click on the Wikipedia icon to read about the PGN format. To publish your own chess games here, you will need to upload chess games in PGN format. You can edit PGN files with a simple text editor. You just need to understand the format. Pay attention to the idea of nested variations. We use the code $220 to place a diagram of the position at that point in the game. Each diagram should appear with a green border. If it appears with a red border, there's either a problem with your PGN file or a bug in our reader !!. For example the moves in the game may be illegal or make no sense to our PGN VIEWER
Read about PGN files on Wiki

Biscuits content PGN file rendering)

Biscuits will render a view of a chess game, stored in the application content area (In this case /applications/ibiscuits/content)

Biscuits PGN render process

Full PGN viewing here, requires a strong JS component based around the javascript chessOb object. we set up the JS data in document.ready function CREATES an empty board for each required diagram Each board is marked with the PLY (move number) so that JAVASCRIPT can populates the boards with pieces. All you need to worry about is your PGN file. The rest should be taken care of by the biscuits CMS system.

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