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Biscuits Current Release Issue Current Version biscuits-11j

  1. SID ( Follow a student and see their submitted answers in gap fills etc., )
  2. REMOVE all jsDATA and replace with loading js objects via PHP
    Check all js scripts in biscuits that use jsData (This is a potential security issue )
    1. biscuits-forms.js
    2. All others too
  3. New page stand-alone-pages directory /home/sites/ Only outer-templates for pages go in directory page-templates
    1. slide-html.php moved to stand-alone-pages
  4. $this->biscuitsDB->topnav function setTopNav() set in config.php

    All menus should be created as assoc arrays ( Even if an array value is another array ) Then we can use a generic routine biscuits->db->array2menu()

Version 4k

Gap fill exercises

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